Cameron working on Titanic 3-D

James Cameron can do whatever the hell he likes. That’s the kind of clout you get when your last two films are the highest grossing in the history of cinema.

Cameron’s Avatar grossed US$2.7 billion worldwide, breaking the record of previous title holder Titanic (which only picked up a measly US$1.8 billion).

The LA Times blog is now reporting that Cameron is currently converting Titanic into 3-D for a re-release in April 2012 (100 years after the ship’s ill-fated voyage).

A 3-D re-release of Titanic has long been rumoured, and I won’t believe it until Cameron announces it himself. Saying that, I believe we’ll see a 3-D version of Titanic before we see a James Cameron-directed Black Eyed Peas concert.

Discuss: Could a 3-D re-release gross that last pesky $0.9 billion required for Titanic to become the number one film once more?

One Response to “Cameron working on Titanic 3-D”

  1. Titanic had it's day, I say leave it and move on. People who watched Titanic didn't watch it for the 3D, they wanted the romantic story line. I don't think 3D will make it any better.

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