Mad Max: Fury Road comes across a roadblock

Hope you weren’t looking forward to catching George Miller‘s Mad Max: Fury Road anytime soon. Filming of the long-rumoured sequel has been postponed until February 2011, leaving the Australian film sector in disarray.

The report comes from The Australian, who suggests that the postponement might be the result of a last minute decision to film two Mad Max films during the one production. This would inevitably lead to casting and screenwriting issues. Meanwhile, Inside Film have the scoop that Miller plans to shoot the $100 million flick with 3-D cameras – another possible reason for the postponement.

The delay has left hundreds of crew without jobs, and Australia without a multi-million dollar production until 2011. Warner Bros’ big budget superhero flick The Green Lantern was set to shoot in Australia this year, but production moved to Louisiana to keep costs down.

Fury Road is slated to star Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky – the role that Mel Gibson made famous in 1979’s Mad Max.

Discuss: So, $100 million budget, 3-D cameras, two films in one production, and a six month shooting delay. Thoughts?

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