World’s worst filmmakers return with Twilight spoof

I’ve made no secret on this blog my disdain for the Twilight franchise. However, consider me an avowed fan now that I’ve seen the abominable-by-comparison trailer for Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer‘s Vampires Suck.

Yes, my enemy’s enemy is my friend, and Friedberg and Seltzer sit firmly in the ‘enemy’ camp. Without question the two worst filmmakers working today (and perhaps ever), they also forged from the bowels of hell Meet The Spartans, Epic Movie, Date Movie and Disaster Movie. They mistake weak imitation and smug camera-winking with humour, and generally besmirch the good name of movie spoofs as established by classics such as Flying High and The Naked Gun.

Friedberg and Seltzer this time take on The Twilight Saga, as well as other recent pop cultural phenoms Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore. They presume their audience is so stupid, they will only find funny things that they saw on MTV within the last week. No jokes are necessary. Simply feature recognisable personalities and point at them.

Check out the trailer below. But be warned. It’s more repulsive than a hundred human centipedes. (Thanks Coming Soon – I guess!)

As I said of Disaster Movie, never see this.

Discuss: What a terrifying world we live in where films like this exist.

2 Responses to “World’s worst filmmakers return with Twilight spoof”

  1. I haven't seen their other films. (And don't ever intend on doing so.) This film WAS funny though and is probably what every long suffering person needs if they've got some connection to a Twilight fan. It has some jokes, some good ones, some cringe worthy ones, but generally rips apart the Twilight franchise in a wonderfully public domain.

  2. It's rather ironic that the actor playing Edward in spoof actually looks better then the one in the real movie

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