The Loved Ones trailer debut

The trailer for the highly-anticipated Aussie horror flick The Loved Ones has (finally) debuted online. The picture – regarding a school prom gone wrong – nabbed the Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, and is gearing up for an Australia wide release September 30th.

Although we’ve waited many moons for this film, I can’t bring myself to watch the trailer a mere week before catching it at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival. Director Sean Byrne is attending the screening on the 16th of July and will also conduct a Q&A.

Regardless, you are welcome to check out the trailer for the soon-to-be cult favourite on The Loved Ones’ official website. Be sure to let us know your thoughts below! Hit the image to check it out!

As mentioned above, The Loved Ones hit Australian cinemas September 30.

Discuss: Another Wolf Creek-sized hit in the making, or is The Loved Ones destined for mere underground adoration?

2 Responses to “The Loved Ones trailer debut”

  1. This film really does look fantastic! Misery meets Prom Night for a blood chilling experience.Looking forward to seeing the whole story!

  2. I got to see a preview screening of this film. It's fantastic! I was laughing and cringing the whole way through. Definitely give it two thumbs up :D.

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