Thor and Captain America posters debut! Kinda!

Comic Con 2010 kicks off this week and Marvel are certain to have a big presence, with Captain America, Thor and The Avengers all gearing up for release of the next couple of years.

As comic book geeks and film fanatics from all over the world head to San Diego, Marvel have dropped a couple of tasty images from their upcoming properties to set tongues wagging.

First up, Yahoo have some teaser posters for Captain America and Thor (above), made up of some nifty concept art from Ryan Meinerding (CA) and Charlie Wren (Thor).

Less exciting are the official images from Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor, which is starting to look a little like Batman and Robin. Check out Aussie Chris Hemsworth as the titular comic hero and Anthony Hopkins as his gold-eyepatched father Odin below.

Hmm, shiny.

I’m sure there will be plenty more details and images from Captain America and Thor dished out over the next couple weeks. We can also expect Marvel to announce their new Hulk, following the banishment of Edward Norton from The Avengers.

Thor is set for release May 2011. Captain America, starring Chris Evans and set to be directed by Joe Johnston, will hit cinemas one month later. The Avengers, almost-definitely to be directed by Joss Whedon (he will likely confirm at Comic Con) will debut May 2012.

Discuss: Your thoughts on the concept art and look of Captain America and Thor?

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