The Goon – Would you watch this movie?

One of the most intriguing projects featured at Comic Con this year was The Goon, an adaptation of Eric Powell’s oddball zombie comic book of the same name. A promo reel was screened by producer David Fincher – and here’s the kicker – despite the fact that no feature length film is in production.

Yes, the footage screened (and embedded below for your perusal) is merely a test reel that Fincher and directors Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler are taking to studios to raise funds for the feature.

Debuting footage before a film actually exists is not such a foreign concept at Comic Con. Disney premiered some TRON: Legacy test footage in 2008, to help gauge audience’s reaction to a potential sequel.

The flick will feature the voices of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti, and will certainly be more “adult” than your typical animated fare.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts. (Thanks TrailerAddict!)

The Goon arrives in cinemas … uh, well, perhaps never. But we’ll keep you updated!

Discuss: Would you see this movie? Will audiences/studios embrace such a potentially risky project?

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