Alien prequel gets Lost

Lost show-runner Damon Lindelof has been recruited by 20th Century Fox to rewrite the script for their upcoming Alien prequel. It will be his first solo stint since Lost wrapped up earlier this year.

An artist’s rendition of Lindelof (left) with fellow Lost show-runner Carlton Cuse (right) and a polar bear (center).

According to Deadline, Lindelof met with Fox and director Ridley Scott to discuss ideas for the prequel. He will be working on Jon Spaihts original script (the same one that convinced Scott to move from merely producing the film to directing).

Depending on Lindelof’s work, Fox have even proposed that the script could end up being used for another sci-fi film independent from the Alien series.

Lindelof traditionally works with writing partner (and fellow Lost show-runner) Carlton Cuse. He is currently working on the Star Trek sequel with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (with whom he also worked on Cowboys and Aliens).

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