Catfish – a must-see movie and a must-avoid trailer

How often do movie trailers give away far too much about a film? Doesn’t it suck to sit through an action flick and recognise every big explosion or fight sequence from the film’s teaser? Isn’t it awful to finish watching a movie, only to realise that every plot beat was given away in its numerous promotional materials?

We’ve recently lamented the waaaaay too spoilerific trailers for The Loved Ones and Brothers, and here comes another teaser that hopes to ruin your movie-going experience.

Henry Joost and Ari Schulman’s documentary Catfish debuted at Sundance earlier this year to some pretty intense critical acclaim. As Katey Rich shared over at Cinema Blend much of her enjoyment derived from knowing nothing about the film beforehand.

With that in mind, I give you Ms. Rich’s advice:

“Go off my word and the word of nearly every other critic, trust that this movie is worth your time, and see Catfish knowing as little as possible.”

So, have you added Catfish to your mental viewing wishlist? Good. Now, if you’re still with us, here is a very brief introduction to the film courtesy of Cinema Blend.

“It starts when 8-year-old Michigander Abby mails Nev a painting she’s done based on a photograph he had published in a newspaper– two dancers posed in front of a sunset. Nev and Abby becomes penpals of sort, him sending her photos and her sending paintings in return, and Nev– pretty much exactly the kind of upstanding guy you’d be OK with your 8-year-old daughter e-mailing– begins friendships with Abby’s mom Angela as well as her older sister Megan.”

I’ve not read more than this excerpt, nor have I watched the recently released trailer for the film. I don’t want to ruin the Catfish experience. But, seeing as you are all adults, I’ll give you the option of watching it below. (Thanks Trailer Addict.)

Catfish hits American cinemas September 17 with an Australian release to hopefully follow.

Discuss: So, did you watch it? Don’t spoil anything!

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