Jackass 3-D trailer debut

Paramount Pictures have released the first trailer for Jackass 3-D, the third instalment in their endurance-of-the-human-spirit saga.

No real plot to speak of. Johnny Knoxville and co return with a series of ball-busting pranks and stunts that are sure to have audience members recoiling in agony/glee. Filmed in three dimensions, you can now experience the pain first hand. Gee, thanks.

For the record, I find these guys hilarious, and make no apologies for looking forward to this film.

Check out the trailer below (in 2-D, obviously), courtesy of YouTube!

Jackass 3-D hits Australian cinemas November 4, 2010.

Discuss: Your thoughts on the Jackass crew? Meaningless violence or profound ode to physical ingenuity?

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