Cameron discusses Avatar sequels and theatrical re-release

Avatar is heading back to cinemas with nine extra minutes of footage, no doubt an attempt to crack the magic US$3 billion dollar mark at the box office and become the highest grossing film of all time (well, even more so).

While talking up the film, James Cameron has shared some details on what new footage the theatrical re-release has, along with an update on the Avatar’s two impending sequels.

Slashfilm compiled some of the key quotes from an interview with Marketsaw. Cameron discussed Avatar 2 and 3:

“I have an overall narrative arc for 2 and 3, and there are some modifications to that based on my experiences in the last few months from having gone down to the Amazon and actually hung out with various indigenous groups who are actually living this type of story for real…but it’s not changing the overall pattern. I haven’t gotten the script done yet; that’s going to be a ways out.”

In regards to the theatrical re-release’s new footage:

“It’s all CG. None of it is kinda boring shots of people sitting around in offices at the base, drinking coffee. It’s all out in the rainforest, some of it is at night. There is a big hunt sequence that’s got a lot of flying, a lot of banshee stuff, riding direhorses, very high-energy, high-impact action. There’s a very powerful emotional scene towards the end that has been added back.”

Sadly, Cameron did not spill whether or not the Na’vi sex scene (“the ultimate intimacy”) would feature in the new cut.

Check out the rest of Marketsaw’s interview with Cameron, in which he discusses his upcoming project with Guillermo del Toro, rags on the 3-D job in Clash of the Titans and discusses how they are converting Titanic into 3-D.

Avatar returns to Australian cinemas August 26 for a limited time only.

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