The Human Centipede "heads" to Australia!

You demanded it, and now we’ve got it! Controversial horror flick The Human Centipede (First Sequence) is heading to Australia! It will debut on DVD and Blu-ray October 6 courtesy of Beyond Home Entertainment.

The Human Centipede is directed by Tom Six and stars the awesomely named Dieter Laser as Dr. Joseph Heiter, a German surgeon who practices in the separation of conjoined twins. The film depicts his attempts at creating the titular beast. How you ask? I’ll direct you to this lovely plush toy for an explanation.

If you’re curiosity has gotten the better of you, check out the trailer here.

There will be late night screenings at select locations across the country prior to the home video release:

Cinema Nova (Melbourne) from August 27.
Chauvel Cinema (Sydney) from September 4.
Tribal Theatre (Brisbane) from September 4.

Discuss: “Feed her!”

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