The short, beautiful life of Terminator 3000

Last week it was announced that a new Terminator film was heading to cinemas. Not just any new Terminator film: an animated Terminator film with a PG-13 rating and (obviously) 3-D enhancements. The internet hardly exploded with anticipation.

The pitch came from Hannover House, a small production hub who – hilariously – did not even have the rights to The Terminator franchise. Their hopes to produce a US$70million project based upon the characters and situations of James Cameron’s classic sci-fi flick was quashed when Pacifor – the right-holders – hit them with a cease-and-desist (which you can read in full over at Deadline).

Hannover has now been restricted from even promoting their pitch and potentially enticing investors. Obviously, their chances of eventually scoring the rights from Pacifor are looking slim.

You can’t really give Hannover too much of a hard time over this. I mean, it’s almost impossible to figure out who has the rights to The Terminator, “the town bicycle” of movie franchises.

And as awful as their idea sounded, at least it wasn’t a sequel to McG’s abominable Terminator: Salvation!

Discuss: R.I.P. Terminator 3000.

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