Angry Birds: the movie.

Creators of the hit iPhone and iPad game Angry Birds are hoping to turn their addictive little app into a blockbuster franchise.

According to Variety, Rovio – the Finnish team behind Angry Birds – have been meeting with studios this past week to discuss an Angry Birds movie, as well as potential TV shows, toys and comic book spin-offs.

For those unfamiliar with Angry Birds, it is a game in which a series of bulbous birds use themselves as slingshot ammunition against a series of evil pigs who have stolen their eggs. The game has essentially claimed the lives of anyone who has dared to play it.

There have been more than 6.5 million sales of the paid app worldwide. The limited free version has been downloaded a further 11 million times.

Rovio Mobile CEO Mikael Hed explained his company’s intentions to Variety.

“It doesn’t make sense (to produce a slate of different games) when you have a hit of any caliber…When you create brand equity, to do that again would be a difficult task rather than nurture and build around what you have.”

He then compared their decision to Pixar’s approach to filmmaking.

“Time and time again, they take an unknown brand and make it big.”

Well alright then! More news as it develops.

Discuss: I’m sorry, but when are we going to see the “T-Pain Auto Tune App: The Movie”? Surely this is the more pressing adaptation.

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