Jeremy Renner cast in Mission: Impossible 4. Will he take over franchise?

Remember how we discussed the possibility of Aussie actor Christopher Egan starring as Tom Cruise’s sidekick in Mission: Impossible 4? Well, never mind. Deadline are reporting that The Hurt Locker’s Jeremy Renner has scored the role.

Paramount Pictures were looking for a co-star to Cruise who could potentially carry on the franchise in the future. The studio decided to not screen test Egan, along with Keven Zegers and Renner’s Hurt Locker co-star Anthony Mackie, and hire an older actor with in-built cache.

Although we can’t quite see future Avenger Renner playing second banana to Cruise, the idea of the Oscar-nominated actor potentially taking over the M:I franchise is mighty tantalising. He has the same action chops, charm and sense of humour as a younger Cruise (without all the crazy baggage).

Deadline also report that Paramount was interested in potentially hiring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, but neither were available.

Mission: Impossible 4 will be directed by Brad Bird and co-produced by Cruise and J.J. Abrams.

Discuss: Does the idea of Renner taking over the franchise appeal to you?

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