Aronofsky to direct Wolverine 2?

Fox are no closer to deciding on a director for Wolverine 2. Last week we discussed how The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s David Slade was competing for the job with Red‘s Robert Schwentke. A new contender has entered the ring: Darren Aronofsky.

According to Deadline, Fox are now courting Slade and Aronofsky (sorry Schwentke) to helm the tentpole sequel, although star and producer Hugh Jackman‘s opinion on the matter will carry significan weight.

Jackman met with Slade last week, but he already has a relationship with Aronofsky after working together on The Fountain.

Aronofsky is unquestionably the more talented filmmaker, but do we really want him to spend time on a Wolverine sequel rather than a truly intriguing project (a’la his latest Black Swan).

Deadline suggest that Slade has the edge over Aronofsky, if only because he has proven himself to be an adequate studio director. Fox are probably not so keen to hire another hard-headed auteur that will be unwilling to acquiesce to their demands (a scenario they endured on X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Gavin Hood).

Head on over to HitFix for a thoughtful article on the possibility of Aronofsky helming Wolverine 2.

Discuss: Slade or Aronofsky. Who ya got?

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