Trailer Debut: Beautiful Boy

Prepare yourself. Although mid-year blockbusters such as Inception and Toy Story 3 have already staked their claim for Academy Award nominations, we’ve really seen nothing yet. With the film festival circuit kicking into gear for another year, we’re about to be subjected to a near-constant stream of Oscar hopefuls from here until February. Some of them will be truly powerful; others will be saccharine pap. Check out the trailer for a film that could fall in either category: Beautiful Boy.

Shawn Ku’s Beautiful Boy stars Maria Bello and Michael Sheen (two serious award contenders) as the parents of a teenager (Kyle Gallner) who goes on a shooting spree at his college.

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts below.

Although I’m naturally inclined to assume that Bello and Sheen will hit all the right notes in their performance, I think the trailer dances perilously close to overbearing melodrama. In fact, the whole thing looks a lot like last year’s Oscar-baity The Greatest, a film which received middling reviews at Sundance 2009 despite its solid cast.

Beautiful Boy makes its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in the coming weeks. We look forward to finding out if Ku and co. achieve something more than mere tele-movie melodrama.

Discuss: Does Beautiful Boy have what it takes to be an Oscar contender?

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