Sandra Bullock defying Portman’s Gravity

Last week it was reported that Alfonso Cuaron had extended an offer to Natalie Portman to star in his upcoming sci-fi thriller Gravity. According to CinemaBlend, Warner Bros is nervous about having Portman carry the big budget feature alone, and is now courting Sandra Bullock for the role.

The film centers around a woman left stranded on a space station following the death of her crew. The lead actress is left to carry the film alone, similar to Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

Cuaron reportedly offered to lower the film’s US$100 million budget to secure Portman. However, CinemaBlend’s source claim that WB have their hearts set on Bullock, who last year enjoyed a career renaissance following the box office success of The Proposal and The Blind Side (for which she also picked up an Oscar).

Angelina Jolie recently pulled out of the 3D flick, making it one of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood.

Robert Downey Jr. will have a supporting role in the film, which is also set to feature a 20-minute long opening shot.

Discuss: Bullock vs Portman. Who ya got?


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