Listen to Trent Reznor’s score for The Social Network

We were very excited to learn that Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails would score David Fincher‘s upcoming Facebook-film The Social Network. Now, five tracks from the soundtrack have made their way online, and we can confirm that our excitement was indeed justified.

Reznor will self-release the score (co-written and performed by Atticus Ross) on September 28 via his label The Null Corporation.

You can download a free five-track sampler of the score – as well as pre-order the album – here!

The website comes with a message from Reznor about the project:

“This is what Atticus and I have been working on for the last few months. We had a great time working with David Fincher on this and the film turned out excellent – something we’re very proud of. It opens in theatres Oct 1 and you should check it out.

Musically, this all came out of our secret laboratory – electronic in basis, but mostly organic sounding. Lots of experiments and emphasis on sound fraying around the edges while focusing on the proper emotional tone for the various scenes.”

Meanwhile, the film itself has gotten some great reviews out of the Toronto International Film Festival, and is considered by some Oscar pundits as the Best Picture front runner. Even Fincher has kind words for his latest, calling it “the Citizen Kane of John Hughes movies“.

We’ll see for ourselves when it arrives in Australia November 25, 2010.

Discuss: At least we know it sounds good….

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