Jon Hamm too old to play Superman?

Mad Men star Jon Hamm – internationally recognised as the handsomest man alive – has addressed speculation that he will star as Clark Kent/Superman in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming reboot of the classic DC superhero.

Hamm told the Toronto Sun he has not been approached by Warner Bros to star in the film.

“I think unless Superman’s power was the power of being really old… I maybe aged out of that competition,” he said.

The 39-year-old Hamm is already 11 years older than the last two big screen Supermen – Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh – who were 26 and 27 respectively when they made their be-caped debut.

We’re unlikely to hear the end of this (admittedly, unlikely) rumour until WB have cast someone else in the role.

But it’s unlikely they’ll find anyone as perfect as Hamm, who – as Liz Lemon describes him in 30 Rock – looks like a cartoon pilot.

Discuss: Sigh.

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