Star Wars set for 3D conversion

It’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Prepare to see Greedo shoot first … in 3D!

George Lucas is gearing up for a 3D conversion of the entire Star Wars saga. The films will be rereleased from 2012 onwards, beginning with Episode One: The Phantom Menace. The subsequent episodes will arrive in cinemas one year after the previous instalment. (Of course, this is all dependent on how Episode One fares at the box office)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucas will oversee the conversion of all six films, which will take up to a year each.

It is unknown if any other “enhancements” will be made to the films upon their rerelease. Lucas has promised a comprehensive Blu-ray release of the films in 2011, with upgraded picture and sound quality, as well as new deleted scenes.

Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace arrives in cinemas February 2011.

Discuss: So, yeah. Is this a good thing for the legacy of the franchise?

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