Hollywood to remake The Secret in their Eyes

Juan Jose Campanella‘s The Secret in their Eyes – the most recent winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar – is to be subjected to one of Hollywood’s grandest traditions: the English-language remake!

According to the L.A. Times, Warner Bros is close to scoring the remake rights to the film. Billy Ray (Shattered Glass, Breach) is set to write and direct the picture, while Campanella will come on board as producer.

The original Argentine film is a well-executed procedural thriller, told primarily through flashback, and set against the backdrop of the nation’s tumultuous political history. It is unknown whether the remake will look for a similarly turbulent period in American history to contrast with the central murder-mystery, or drop the political elements completely.

Although I’m a big fan of Ray’s (Breach is an absolute gem), and pride myself on my ability to not have knee-jerk negative reactions to news of remakes, I’m finding it difficult to get excited about this one.

The Secret in their Eyes is hardly a masterwork, but it’s a fun film with some well-crafted sequences. However, the political context is so significant to the film, and ultimately, what separates it from seeming like Law and Order: SVU – The Movie.

Now, a film like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – which is mostly uninteresting and overlong – I can get on board with that remake.

Discuss: Do you think The Secret in their Eyes should be remade for American audiences? Are you one of those people who refuse to watch a film with subtitles?

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