So, who’s going to star as Zack Snyder’s Superman?

From one shortlist to another. Earlier this month, Warner Bros and producer Christopher Nolan selected Zack Snyder as director of their upcoming Superman reboot. The question on everyone’s lips is now: “Who will play Superman?”

Although we have no concrete information to report on, allow us to entertain some intriguing possibilities.

The most obvious selection would be Brandon Routh (Superman Returns). Although there have been ongoing rumours that WB would abandon the cast from their disappointing last Superman effort, Snyder admitted that the support of Routh from the online fan community would see him reinstated as a contender.

The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer also seemed to be a potential candidate, but now, not so much. The 24-year-old recently told Vulture that although he had reached out to Snyder, he was informed that they were going for an actor in the age range of 35-40.

Does this mean that fan favourite Jon Hamm (Mad Man) is a genuine possibility to star as the Man of Steel? When the 39-year-old was asked about starring as Superman (pre-Snyder mind you), he said he had “maybe aged out of that competition”. Well Jon, you just aged right back in.

There are a lot of rumours regarding the film’s potential plot (which you can read over at Slashfilm), but if Hammer is correct in saying that they are looking for an older Superman, then it’s hard to give the supposed plot synopses much credence.

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