Mad Men creator preps feature film debut

Matthew Weiner – creator and head-writer of the acclaimed TV show Mad Men – has lined up a cast for his feature film debut You Are Here.

According to The Hollywood Cog (via Pajiba), Jack Black, Matt Dillon and Renee Zellweger are all attached to the dramedy, while an offer has also been extended to Rachel McAdams.

Weiner supposedly wrote the script before he began working on Mad Men (although it is unknown if this means before he first developed the idea of the show back in 2000, or before it began production in 2006).

The film was set to begin shooting last year (with Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston), but production was delayed in the face of Mad Men’s Season 4 schedule.

Here is the film’s premise according to Pajiba:

“It’s about about two roommates in their 30s, preoccupied with dodging the responsibilities and rigors of adult life. That is, until the sudden death of one of the men’s fathers, which makes his unstable son the new owner of a general store, a country home and millions of dollars worth of Amish farmland.”

Head on over to Pajiba to read about which characters the actors will likely play.

If all goes according to plan, production could begin early 2011.

Discuss: Mad Men is indeed one of the best shows on television at the moment (if not one of the best shows ever). But this cast doesn’t seem that promising. You would have thought that Weiner could attract any actor for his feature film debut. We’ll hold out hope. Your thoughts?

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