Christopher Nolan reveals name of new Batman film!

Christopher Nolan has officially christened the third and final instalment of his critically acclaimed Batman saga, ending months of speculation (no, it won’t be Batman 33 and 1/3).

It has been named: The Dark Knight Rises.

So, that title immediately brings two things to mind: this and this. Neither adequately evokes the necessary drama and dread of a Nolan movie. Still, it’s not the title that maketh the film, but rather the other way around.

Nolan unveiled the title in an interview with the L.A. Times Hero Complex; a discussion in which he also revealed that the film would not feature The Riddler as the villain (sorry Eddie Murphy!).

He also told the L.A. Times The Dark Knight Rises will not be shot in 3-D, nor will it be post-converted at a later date. Instead, he and cinematographer Wally Pfister will continue their commitment to hi-res IMAX technology.

With a release date set for July 20th, 2012, we can expect a whole batch of TDKR news coming thick and fast over the coming months. We recently learnt that Tom Hardy has joined the cast, and Moviehole reported that the hunt has begun for a female lead.

More news as it develops.

Discuss: The Dark Knight Rises. Thoughts?

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