Poster Debut: Kevin Smith’s Red State

Kevin Smith has unveiled the first poster for his upcoming thriller Red State. The film – a thriller about a crazed, fundamentalist preacher – is said to be a major departure for Smith, and its creepy poster certainly serves as a testament to that.

Smith revealed the poster on his blog, in which he also discussed his recent cast-and-crew screening of the film … a mere 48 hours after production had wrapped.

I’ll hand it over to Mr. Smith to share with you details about the editing process:

“We finished shooting late Wednesday night, but I’ve been cutting the flick every free moment over the 25 days of production. So at our wrap party last night (for the flick we wrapped 2 days ago, mind you) we also watched the flick we just completed. And I’m not talking about some bullshit assembly, either: this puppy is fine-cut, complete with credits and some pre-mixing: 92 mins without credits, 98 mins with a end credit sequence that’s not to be believed. As for having a screening of a flick of this caliber mere sun-ups since we put it to bed… well, this may be an absolute first – particularly considering the director was also the editor (I haven’t slept much).”

The independently-financed $4 million feature has long been a labour of love for the writer/director. Here’s hoping it has the passion of his early films (and sadly absent from his recent studio endeavour Cop Out).

Red State stars Michael Parks, Kyle Gallner, John Goodman, Kevin Pollak and Melissa Leo.

Discuss: Should we become unreasonably excited about Smith trying something different, or have you lost faith in Smith as a filmmaker?

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