Roland Emmerich to destroy world again … but with smaller budget

Roland Emmerich (2012, Independence Day) is jumping on the found-footage bandwagon and gearing up to direct a low-budget alien invasion movie entitled The Zone.

Emmerich is no stranger to filming the evisceration of our beloved planet, but The Zone will mark his first time working with a budget smaller than the GDP of the Falkland Islands.

According to THR, The Zone will be cast with relative unknowns and dialogue will be largely improvised. With a budget of only $5 million, it will be a cheaper production than recent found-footage features Cloverfield ($25 million) and Quarantine ($12 million), and only slightly more expensive than Paranormal Activity 2 ($3 million).

The film will reportedly claim to present real footage, filmed by a journalist and his cameraman amidst an alien onslaught.

The Zone begins shooting in November.

Discuss: The idea of Ronald Emmerich making a disaster movie on such a tiny budget reminds me of the film The Five Obstructions, in which Lars Von Trier dares his hero Jorgen Leth to remake his own short film with a number of constraints placed upon production. Can Emmerich deliver a fresh new take on the invasion-movie genre by placing such an obstruction in his own path?

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