Rubik’s Cube: The Movie!

In my review of Tekken, I lamented the “nostalgia-driven marketing onslaught” that has spawned films based on Hasbro toys and video games. And in completely unrelated news, Hollywood is “toying” with the idea of a film based around the Rubik’s Cube!

According to What’s Playing, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has signed the inanimate Rubik H. Cube (not actual name) to their stable of stars. It is their first signee to not have the capability to transform oxygen into carbon dioxide.

CAA are pitching to studios and producers a project based around ErnÅ‘ Rubik’s addictive toy creation.

You know what that means…

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One Response to “Rubik’s Cube: The Movie!”

  1. >The year is 2033. Mankind, driven to the point of extinction by decades of war, struggles to survive. Mega corporations control most of the world's remaining resources, and frequently vie for power among one another. Then one day an alien spacecraft crash lands on Earth, with only the mysterious Rubik's cube inside. Solving the cube is said give unlimited power to whoever possesses it, and the race is on. Who will control the destiny of mankind? The Weyland-Yutani corporation, or an appropriately waspy 12 year old boy? RUBIK'S CUBE. Coming to theaters this Christmas. Directed by Uwe Boll.

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