Trailer Debut: Love and Other Drugs (Red Band)

The trailer for the latest Hollywood rom-com romp has arrived, and it actually looks pretty good.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway team up in Love and Other Drugs for a casual relationship with no strings- which seems to be the latest fad in Hollywood rom-comery right now what with No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits also on the way. But what’s (slightly) different about this one is that it’ll be full of Viagra jokes and a healthy dose of suave sophistication with the loveable Gyllenhaal taking the lead.

What’ll be most interesting to see however is what rating the film will get. Currently “TBC” here in Aus, it’s got itself an R rating in the US.

Check out the trailer below, but BE WARNED! This is a saucy Red Band trailer. You must be over the age of 17 to watch.

Directed by Edward Zwick (The Last Samurai, Defiance), Love and Other Drugs also stars Oliver Platt, Hank Azaria, Josh Gad, Gabriel Macht and Judy Greer.

Not too far from cinemas, Love and Other Drugs is released in Australia on December 16.

Discuss: MA or R rating – What’s a little Viagra amongst friends?

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