Pride and Prejudice and Zombies scoops brainy director

Braaaaaaaaaaaains… Ah, we mean good news for zombie and classic literature fans alike! According to Deadline, Mike White has signed a deal to direct the adaptation of bestselling genre mash Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Zombies are the latest hot property, with Twilight’s Edward and Bella about to tie the knot and get even more boring than they already are, vampires seem to be taking the backburner to flesh and brain eating creatures.

After David O. Russell walked away from the project, leaving behind his completed screenplay, there was a great amount of interest from filmmakers wanting to bring this story to the screen. While producer Natalie Portman was rumoured to be attached to the film – playing heroine Elizabeth Bennet naturally – she has since confirmed she will not star.

Mike White is an interesting choice; while he has numerous strong writing credits to his name, his time in the director’s chair has been less successful. His directorial debut was 2007’s Year of the Dog, which received mixed reviews, but he is better known for penning such comedies as School of Rock and The Good Girl.

White should be able to bring the comedy and playfulness needed to this film; one that surely must be conscious of its ridiculousness at times. No word yet on who will play the leads, and while this Austen fan will always think of Colin Firth as the perfect Mr Darcy we can’t wait to see the casting rumours come in thick and fast. Original director David O. Russell apparently wanted Scarlett Johansson (after Portman backed out) and Bradley Cooper, which quite frankly sounds horrendous.

Discuss: Who would you like to see take on Darcy and Elizabeth?

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