Paranormal Activity 3 arriving in 2011

Jigsaw may have recently retired for good, but Katie‘s reign of terror is far from over. A third instalment in the Paranormal Activity series has been confirmed by the first film’s director and series producer Oren Peli.

Peli reportedly broke the news to Dread Central, also revealing that Paranormal Activity 3 will arrive in cinemas October 21, 2011.

Although I adored 2009’s Paranormal Activity, I shared the trepidation of many when it was announced that a sequel would be rushed into cinemas less than twelve months later. How could lightning possibly strike twice?

I was pleasantly surprised to find Paranormal Activity 2 a rather great achievement. Although it didn’t quite reach the heights of the original, it expanded upon the series’ mythology and was undeniably enjoyable in the process.

There are certainly enough questions raised at the end of the second instalment to warrant a sequel. But my concerns have returned … can lightning strike three times?

Although Katie Featherstone will presumably return as Katie, it is unknown if Peli or PA2 director Tod Williams will helm the third instalment of the saga. Also unknown is whether or not the parallel Japanese sequel – Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Nights will ever get an Australian release.

Discuss: Is this something you want to see, or are they pushing their luck with a third film?

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