Trailer Debut: Your Highness

The trailer for David Gordon Green‘s fantastical stoner-epic Your Highness has debuted online. The film sees the brains behind the hilarious TV show Eastbound and Down team-up for a medieval adventure. Sure, why not?

Back in January, we named Your Highness our 20th most anticipated film of 2010. Of course, it’s not coming out until 2011, but our anticipation has only been heightened by this very funny, very long, very naughty trailer.

If I may lazily crib from my earlier write-up: Comedy/fantasy is a dangerous game, but in the hands of indie-auteur David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, All The Real Girls), it could be spectacular. Danny McBride and James Franco play two prince brothers (really?) who must rescue Franco’s recently kidnapped virginal bride (Zooey Deschanel). They are joined on their quest by a warrior princess (Natalie Portman).

Check out the trailer (courtesy of IGN), but BE WARNED! This is most definitely for adult eyes only, lest you witness some drug-taking, swearing, sexual-innuendo and just general cheekiness.

Your Highness, written by McBride and Ben Best, arrives in Australian cinemas sometime in 2011.

Discuss: Are you glad to see Danny McBride graduate to leading man status (even if it is as a goofball, and beside the reliable James Franco)?

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