Alba’s gonna hate … first-time directors!

Welcome to the second instalment of what we hope to be an enduring feature: Alba’s gonna hate. Every fortnight, we will highlight a new quote from the actress Jessica Alba in which she denigrates her peers in the film industry. Earlier in the month, she mentioned how “good actors … say whatever they want to say”, reducing the craft of screenwriting to the pointless printing of unused script pages. now has the full magazine scan of Alba’s interview with Elle (the same chat in which she brushed off writers!) where she places the blame for her recent box office bombs on “first-time directors”.

Alba doesn’t elaborate on the point, and the result is a dismissive and devastating blow to inexperienced filmmakers.

She does accepts some responsibility for her awful filmography – “I know I haven’t been swimming in the deep end with some of the movies I’ve done.” – but she’s not exactly apologising for films like Good Luck Chuck and The Love Guru.

Now, she might be right in saying that the particular first-time directors who helmed her films are responsible for their awfulness. And its nice to see her openly admit that her past films were appalling (taking a page out of Mark Wahlberg’s book). But she also admits that she “knew what they were”, as if that excuses her involvement. Sigh.

Next week: Best Boys!

Discuss: So, which director is going to swoop in John August-style and teach Ms. Alba a lesson?

One Response to “Alba’s gonna hate … first-time directors!”

  1. >Lol. That interview is incredibly sus. It's as if it's aimed squarely at sabotaging Alba's career by putting words in her mouth that offend both aspiring filmmakers and writers. Not to mention, trying to make her unsuccessful in getting a lead role ever again… She would have to be as stupid as Megan Fox to come out with all those comments.

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