>The boy who wouldn’t grow up finds direction

>It’s been a good four years since New Line acquired Ben Magid’s screenplay for a darker-in-tone version of J.M. Barrie’s legendary tale Peter Pan. Magid’s adaptation, titled Pan, was originally rumoured to have Guillermo del Toro lined up to direct. According to a new report in Variety, Ben Hibon is now attached to the project and that coveted director’s seat.

The announcement comes almost immediately after the international release of the latest instalment of the Harry Potter franchise – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One – which features a stunning animated sequence directed by Hibon. The animation tells the story of “The Three Brothers” and provides the origins for the Deathly Hallows myth.

Certainly no stranger to imaginative animation, it seems as though Hibon might just be what Magid’s dark vision of Neverland’s young man needs. Hibon has also directed animation for Tokyo Zombie, holds writer/director credits on TV short Codehunters (which premiered at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards), and has worked on video games Heavenly Sword and Killer7.

Magid’s adaptation of the classic tale will come as something of a surprise to old school fans of Peter Pan who favour the idea that his eternal youth is the product of his innocence. Contrarily positing Captain Hook as the policeman hero, Pan is apparently going to be the bad dude – an evil child’napper of sorts. This will no doubt raise a few eyebrows and a hoard of questions but at the end of the day, even an eternal minor can be prosecuted for committing a crime.

No stars have been announced as yet but Martin Shore, Christopher Tuffin and Brooklyn Weaver will produce and Hibon’s partners Tarik Heitmann and Renee Tab will executive produce. Pan’s release is anticipated for sometime in 2011.

Discuss: Do you think it’s high time we saw the darker side to Peter Pan?

One Response to “>The boy who wouldn’t grow up finds direction”

  1. >Try reading The Child Thief by Brom (yeah, the artist). I don't mind a dark Peter Pan. Disney has watered down many a tale that once had a sinister heart.

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