>New Adrien Brody film no longer allowed to show Adrien Brody

>Dario Argento’s 2009 giallo thriller, ingeniously titled Giallo, has hit something of a snag in terms of further marketing and oh yeah, distribution. The film, which stars Adrien Brody as Inspector Enzo Avolfi, now faces the monumentally difficult task of finding its audience without the use of any images of Brody – in terms of both promotional materials and the content or the film itself, Yahoo News reports.

Brody, who is also one of the film’s producers, sued just prior to the film going on sale in the United States. Brody claims his co-producers Rafael Primorac and Richard Rionda Del Castro lied to him about both the financing and worth of distribution rights.

Although unable to block the film’s sale altogether, it still looks as though Brody is set to win. On Monday a U.S. District Judge ruled to block the filmmakers from continued distribution, marketing or sales in the U.S. Brody claims he is currently owed $USD 640,000 and that the DVD release of the film could potentially cost him a further $USD 2 million. Brody has to date been paid $USD 1 million.

Brody’s image appears twice on the DVD cover and – more pressingly – throughout the entire film (the burden of playing the lead role). Removing his image is hardly going to be an easy or even fathomable task.

Having screened predominantly at small film festivals in Italy, Europe, Japan and the US, Giallo was set for limited DVD releases rather than wide spread theatrical runs. The film has at present no Australian release date lined up and it doesn’t look as though that’s about to change any time soon.

Discuss: Is money the real motivator behind Brody’s lawsuit or is Giallo just a really bad film he doesn’t want US audiences to see?

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