>Pink Floyd film in the works

>A new Pink Floyd film is in the works, and no, it isn’t a remake of The Wall. According to Deadline, Andy Harries – producer of The Queen and The Damned United – will bring to the screen the story of music teacher Alan Renshaw, whose students sang on the classic 1979 tune Another Brick in the Wall.

Renshaw was eventually fired for his decision to shake things up and let the kids sing the chorus in Pink Floyd’s anti-authority song. While it may seem a thin plot to base an entire film on, it’s being described in this very early stage as “Dead Poets Society meets School of Rock”, and if Harries’ previous biopics are anything to go by this should be a riveting portrayal of an otherwise ordinary story.

There is however one brick missing from this wall … Harries does not as yet have the rights to the song at the centre of this story. In order to proceed he will have to get the rights from songwriter Roger Waters, notoriously known for being difficult. This hasn’t, however, stopped first time screenwriter Steve Thompson from starting on the screenplay for Left Bank and BBC Films.

Discuss: Does this sound like a good idea or should we be screaming “Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!”

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