>Buffy reboot: The story that just won’t die.

>Just like the vampire-slayer herself, the stories surrounding Warner Bros’ upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot keep coming back with a vengeance. Making the rounds at the moment is an article from The Hollywood Reporter, claiming Joss Whedon turned down an opportunity to bring Buffy to the big screen himself.

Apparently, rights holders Fran Rubel Kuzui and husband Kaz Kuzui, who had been developing an earlier remake with Vertigo Entertainment, had first approached Whedon. This we already knew, although at the time, he claimed his agent had been reached after news of the reboot broke.

According to THR, Whedon believed his other projects in development, namely, Marvel Studios picture The Avengers, were more deserving of his attention. According to “studio insiders” it was only after Whedon turned down the offer that they went in search of another writer, arriving late last year at Whit Anderson.

From there, Atlas Entertainment partnered up with Vertigo and, after Fox passed on the project, Warner Bros Studios said yes. From there, the Internet began what I can only imagine will be a continuously unrelenting campaign of speculation and response to the big announcement.

Although this isn’t the newest of news, it’s interesting nonetheless to see the evolution of this project over the past few years.

Having already had Joss Whedon’s response, swiftly followed by Kristy Swanson’s two cents, one wonders how long it will be before Sarah Michelle Gellar chimes in too. Keep checking in with us, it’s probably just a matter of time…

Discuss: Do you think it’s really his commitment to The Avengers that made Whedon pass on the Buffy reboot, or is it just that he’s done telling Buffy’s story?

One Response to “>Buffy reboot: The story that just won’t die.”

  1. >Sarah Michelle who? Her career is going nowhere so she'll probably want in on this.

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