>District 9 director and star reteaming for Elysium

>District 9 was one hell of an entertaining romp, but perhaps it was most exciting because it introduced us to two new, undeniable talents: director Neill Blomkamp and star Sharlto Copley.

The $30USD million film went on to gross $210USD million worldwide, scored four Oscar nominations (including Best Picture) and made Blomkamp and Copley the hottest properties in Hollywood.

Fittingly, the duo will reteam for another sci-fi adventure, titled Elysium.

According to Deadline, Blomkamp is shopping his project to all the major studios. The film will take place in the distant future and on an alien planet. Little else is know about the project, although it is supposedly “filled with sociopolitical ideas wrapped up inside a Hollywood action film”.

Blomkamp’s pitch not only includes the promise of Copley in a leading role, but also a graphic novel. Intriguing and handy!

After doing some “research”, we’ve discovered that Elysium is – according to Greek mythology – a section of the Underworld where the souls of the heroic rest. It is also the name of a West Australian wedding coordination company. It is unknown if either of these definitions will apply to Blomkamp’s film.

We’ll likely discover which studio has purchased the pitch in the coming weeks, as budgets are worked out and the cast are lined up. No news on the progress of the District 9 sequel – imaginatively titled District 10 – to report.

Discuss: Happy to see Blomkamp and Copley work on something similar to District 9, or would you prefer to see them stretch their wings?

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