>Disney developing 3D sequel to Flubber?

>Talk of a 3D sequel to Flubber is being heard around the Disney studios according to What’s Playing. And they say Hollywood is out of original ideas!

Flubber, starring Robin Williams, was a 1997 remake of the 1961 Disney film, The Absent-Minded Professor. Flubber was a bit of a flopper, not surprisingly, but a 3D remake could actually prove successful for the company if the 3D is utilised properly.

Wait, no, it’s an awful idea.

The story centres on a college professor who invents an anti-gravity substance called Flubber while trying to create a new source of energy to save the college where his sweetheart is President. “Hilarity” ensues when the substance takes on a life of its own.

While Robin Williams is apparently being approached to reprise his role as Professor Phillip Brainard (yep, that’s really his name), one must ponder that if Williams and Disney couldn’t make the film work back in the 90s, when let’s face it – audiences were more forgiving – why would Flubber be a hit with today’s kids?

The idea of the green Flubber flying out at the audience sounds fun, but you can’t base an entire movie on a tacky concept like that. If Disney is only considering the sequel to ride on the coattails of recent 3D kid’s films then they’re doomed to make another Flubber flop.

Discuss: Erm, would you like to see a 3D sequel to Flubber?

One Response to “>Disney developing 3D sequel to Flubber?”

  1. >Hell no. Robin Williams is a creepy old man now – he'd scare the kids!! This is a very bad idea.

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