For Shame, Carey Mulligan!

Carey Mulligan has been cast alongside Michael Fassbender in the sex-addiction drama Shame.

According to Deadline, Mulligan will play the sister of Brandon (Fassbender), “a 30-something man living in New York who is unable to manage his sex life”.

Shame will be directed by Steve McQueen, who previously worked with Fassbender on the incendiary Hunger. The screenplay has been penned by McQueen and Abi Morgan (Brick Lane).

Shooting begins on location in New York in January of 2011. Mulligan will follow up Shame with The Great Gatsby.

Discuss: Mulligan and Fassbender alone make this one of the best casts of 2011. Hypothetically, who could they add to make this thing sound even better?

One Response to “For Shame, Carey Mulligan!”

  1. >I think Ryan Gosling, he's really good at playing that sleazy, sexy, creepy guy. (I'm assuming this is what sex addicts are like ? maybe not)But yes Fassbender is one of the best under the radar actors ATM, and I think is now finally breaking through

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