>Trailer Debut: Thor

>The trailer for Kenneth Branagh‘s film adaptation of the Marvel comic Thor (he of the big hammer) has debuted online.

For those unawares, Thor tells the story of, well, Thor (Aussie Chris Hemsworth), who is booted out of his home amongst the God and forced to live with human beings. Gross! The film exists in the same universe as the Iron Man films and Captain America. Thor will also feature in The Avengers.

A much longer version trailer leaked shortly after its Comic Con debut in July, but this teaser captures the most important elements. Those elements are a) the look of Thor’s home, Asgard (not lame!), b) Anthony Hopkins‘ eye patch (just kinda lame!) and star Chris Hemsworth‘s pecs (giant!).

If that short synopsis proved insufficient, check out the trailer for yourself (or head on over to Yahoo to watch it in HD).


Thor also stars Natalie Portman, and arrives in cinemas May 6, 2011.

Discuss: We were previously concerned that Asgard might look to … shiny, and ruin the wonderfully realistic continuity of the previous Marvel films. Our concerns have been abated since seeing the trailer, but how do you feel?

One Response to “>Trailer Debut: Thor”

  1. >Excited for this movie. ;D I've seen trailers and they're all wonderful!

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