>Outdoor cinema and you: a guide.


Outdoor cinema and you: a guide. By Jess Lomas.

“We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two.”

While you’re probably preoccupied with Christmas trees, buying presents, and warming up those vocal chords for carolling, in less than two weeks the Silly Season will be over, the bank account may be a little leaner, and you’ll be looking for some cheap entertainment over summer.

Going to the cinema can turn into quite an expensive outing before you even realise it; after the cost of tickets and a few light refreshments you can easily be $50 out of wallet. Trust us – we’re not going all A Current Affair on you – we have a valid point to get to! And on those beautiful summer nights it’s nice to enjoy cinema under the stars (and bring your own snacks too)! *Note: we should all take a minute to give praise and thanks to ‘The Father of Cool’ Willis Haviland Carrier, who invented the first electric air conditioner back in 1902, forever giving us the gift of climatised movie watching.

Depending on what state you’re in you’ll have a choice of several outdoor cinemas; from rooftops to gardens, there’s plenty to choose from. It’s as easy as doing a web search for events in your local city. With a great selection of films playing there’s literally something for everyone so check out the guides and start booking!

Going to an outdoor cinema is a great way to fill the void left after the film festival season ends. Grab a few friends, pack a picnic dinner and an esky full of drinks and enjoy cinema in a different way.

From sneak previews of upcoming films to classics – Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Rocky Horror Picture Show are usually yearly staples – and recent hits you might have missed at the box office; outdoor cinemas have got you covered. You’ll have a chance to see top films from 2010 again and new films from the start of 2011 all from the comfort of a beanbag or picnic rug. It makes a refreshing change.

Many may be dreaming of a White Christmas but we wouldn’t trade our Aussie summer, and the outdoor cinemas that come with it, for anything – good weather, good food and good movies – who needs anything else?

“But Jess I can’t use the interwebs, can’t you tell me some of the outdoor cinemas available in my state?”

Well, because you asked so nicely here’s a few:


Moonlight Cinema, Lighthouse Deckchair Cinema, the trusty Mainline Drive-In Cinema.


Moonlight Cinema, Tropfest, Movies by Burswood, Lotterywest Festival Films.


Moonlight Cinema, St Kilda OpenAir Cinema,Tropfest, Rooftop Cinema, Cameo Outdoor Cinema.


Moonlight Cinema, Brisbane OpenAir Cinema, Tropfest, Movies in the Park, Limes Rooftop Cinema.


Moonlight Cinema, St George OpenAir Cinema, Tropfest, Starlight Cinema.

Discuss: Any particular film you’d like to catch at an outdoor cinema?

2 Responses to “>Outdoor cinema and you: a guide.”

  1. >Hi GuysGreat article.Just letting you know that there are also heaps of other Outdoor Cinema events happening in and around Adelaide (many of them are free) for a full list of Road Movie Mobile Cinema screenings please take a look at our coming events on the following webpage:http://www.roadmovie.com.au/coming_soon.htmlWe also have all of our public events listed on our Facebook page.Love your blog, thanksAndy Marshall – Road Movie Mobile Cinema

  2. >Thanks Andy! I was hoping my old home town would come through with some more goods!Jess

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