>Baron Cohen to play racist, corrupt cop

>We recently learnt that Sacha Baron Cohen will star in The Dictator, to be directed by Larry Charles with filming set to start in 2011. But what else has the comedy actor who loves to straddle the fine line of offence got in store for the future? Well, according to the LA Times, he will take up yet another racially-charged role, playing Spain’s supposedly “favourite racist and corrupt cop” Torrente.

A popular action/comedy franchise in Spain, the series stars Santiago Segura as Jose Luis Torrente, a fired cop who still patrols the neighbourhood and brings his own brand of vigilante justice to the people.

Hollywood’s version, set up at New Line Cinema, has Seinfeld writers Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel penning the script at present. The three are also responsible for scripting The Dictator, which could have a little something to do with Baron Cohen’s recent talks regarding Torrente.

Apparently Baron Cohen has expressed interest in taking the part and even in setting the movie in Spain. Having already monopolised Kazakhstan perhaps Baron Cohen’s branching out is a sign of his interest in offending as many forms of national identity as he can? Ironically, that would actually make him less racist than I’ve been giving him credit for.

Discuss: Is Baron Cohen the only man who could get away with playing a Spanish racist vigilante in Hollywood?

2 Responses to “>Baron Cohen to play racist, corrupt cop”

  1. >I'm excited to see Baron on a movie again. I've always enjoyed his works – such a funny guy and he doesn't even try so hard.

  2. >As long as he doesn't wear the mankini!!

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