>Gwyneth Paltrow to join Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages?

>Once they start singing it seems as though they might never stop. Gwyneth Paltrow is yet another in a long line of Hollywood movie stars who sings pleasantly but averagely, and yet somehow continues to be asked to sing rather than act.

Entertainment Weekly reveals that she has been offered a role in upcoming movie musical Rock of Ages, an adaptation of the Broadway hit that tells the story of two young lovers through ‘80s rock hits. Tom Cruise is supposedly in discussions for the male lead.

Nothing is set in stone just yet; Paltrow is still to read through the script and confirm. Following her performance as a singer in the movie Country Strong, her cameo on the “Substitute” episode of Glee and with Tim McGraw encouraging her to continue on her vocal path it seems increasingly as though Paltrow might soon make a strategic career move. But insistent that hubby Chris Martin is already the “musician in the family” Paltrow says she won’t be giving up her day job any time soon.

Even though she’s far from the world’s greatest singer, I have to say, watching anyone her outshine her hubby would be a spectacular treat… More news as it comes in.

Discuss: Tom Cruise?! Are they short on singers in Hollywood nowadays?

3 Responses to “>Gwyneth Paltrow to join Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages?”

  1. >Tom Cruise? Seriously? Has he ever sung before, publicly?

  2. >They can not be serious. Surely to god there are many other young cool hot actors who can sing and carry such a movie. What's with Gwyneth either – she was good in Glee but a full length singing movie? Give me strength.

  3. >I just had the most awful mental image of the two of them on stage doing air guitar and headbanging. So not right.

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