>Trailer Debut: Water for Elephants

>The Circus is coming! The Circus is coming! No, wait … that’s the British.

The trailer for Francis Lawrence’s film adaptation of Sara Gruen’s bestselling novel Water for Elephants has been released and it looks, well, uninspiring.

I’ve already heard it described as “Moulin Rouge meets The Notebook” with a splash of Big Fish but I lost interest the moment I realised it was told through the “old man remembers his past” storytelling device.

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts below!


The film stars Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz (that’s a BINGO!). Pattinson plays Jacob Jankowski, a veterinary student who abandons his studies and joins the circus after the death of his parents. He is hired to take care of the animals and ends up falling in love with the head trainer August’s (Waltz) wife Marlena (Witherspoon). In fact, the best part of the trailer is when Waltz threatens to strike Pattinson, let’s watch it again shall we…

The film could be a delightful surprise but there are several things in the trailer which hint otherwise.

1. Robert Pattinson. We get it, he’s “hunky” but as the Twilight franchise comes to an end it will be great to see if he has any actual acting ability to stand on. His pre-Twilight films weren’t overly memorable and let’s not even speak of Remember Me. He seems to be working the pursed mini-duck lips a lot, which worked for Edward Cullen but most certainly will not for Jacob Jankowski.

2. The old man story. Jacob, aged 92, is actually remembering all of the events of the film, which means we’ll get plenty of time with gramps – often the slowest parts of films that decide to split the narrative between past and present.

3. The tag line: Life is the most spectacular show on Earth. Sappy and predictable but above all much too safe.

This trailer is visually arresting and the ol’ timey Circus setting looks magical, but overall it’s a bit of a bore. I truly believe Christoph Waltz will be the highlight of the film but we’ll have to wait until 2011 to see.

Discuss: Is there any finer sight than Christoph Waltz attacking RPattz with an axe?

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  1. >None. Unless there was the accompanying and this is for how to be… and this is for Remember me… and this is for…. Ok so you get my drift.

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