>Hunger Games director looking for his Katniss

>Has director Gary Ross picked an actress to play Katniss in the first instalment of the bestselling Hunger Games trilogy? With production on the adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ hit novel set to begin in May 2011 many are eagerly anticipating the casting announcements. Unfortunately, as Ross reveals to Entertainment Weekly, we’ll have to wait a little while longer.

While Ross admits he hasn’t met with any actresses, he has guaranteed he will represent the protagonist Katniss as fans have come to love her in the books: strong, resilient and a true heroine. He’s not ruling out casting an unknown and has said it will all come down to who the best girl for the role is. Having worked with Suzanne Collins he feels he knows who the actress needs to be to do justice to Collins, Katniss and the legion of fans.

It’s not just the casting of Katniss that has everyone excited however. Apart from the two male love interests, Gale and Peeta (insert two young Hollywood hotties), there is the essential character Haymitch; a drunk middle aged man who won the Hunger Games years before and must now mentor District 12’s tributes. Two names EW throws around in the interview are Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Laurie, although Ross has said he hasn’t spoken to either let alone cast them.

We’ll bring you more casting news as the production gets into full swing.

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