Lost footage from Kubrick’s 2001 found

Stanley Kubrick fans should probably brace themselves because according to Forgotten Silver (translated by Blastr) seventeen minutes of “lost” footage from his 1968 epic sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey has just been rediscovered.

Douglas Trumbull and David Larson, who were working on the now-cancelled documentary 2001: Behind the Infinite—The Making of a Masterpiece, will apparently include images from these lost scenes in their behind-the-scenes still photo book. But the greatest find came from Warner Bros who discovered, buried in a salt mine vault in Kansas, the seventeen minutes of missing footage which, due to its being kept in a salt mine, is supposedly in perfectly preserved condition.

The plans for the footage, which was cut shortly after its initial release, have yet to be announced. What Warner Bros intend to do is uncertain but I’d venture that we can all look forward to a forthcoming special release DVD and a new, re-edited print sometime in the next couple of years.

According to IMDB’s list of what Kubrick edited out of the now 160 minute film, the following sequences are those most likely to be amongst the recently rediscovered footage (mild spoilers):

“Some shots from the “Dawn of Man” sequence were removed and a new scene was inserted where an ape pauses with the bone it is about to use as a tool. The new scene was a low-angle shot of the monolith, done in order to portray and clarify the connection between the man-ape using the tool and the monolith.

Some shots of Frank Poole jogging in the centrifuge were removed.

An entire sequence of several shots in which Dave Bowman searches for the replacement antenna part in storage was removed.

A scene where HAL severs radio communication between the “Discovery” and Poole’s pod before killing him was removed. This scene explains a line that stayed in the film in which Bowman addresses HAL on the subject.

Some shots of Poole’s space walk before he is killed were removed.”

Discuss: Are you hanging out for a re-release with the newly found footage or do you think the work is, as it stands, already a masterpiece?

4 Responses to “Lost footage from Kubrick’s 2001 found”

  1. >I think Banned is is hating on 2001! He deserves to be…… argued against!

  2. >I'm not convinced that what 2001 needs to make it more perfect is *more* footage. If Kubrick cut the scenes, he probably had a reason!

  3. >a masterpiece, perhaps… but too short it most certainly is not.I wish Kubrick had left in Clarke's eternally cogent line, "My God, it's full of stars" — or better still elucidate the concept with more footage.

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