>Quickflix’s Christmas picks: Jess Lomas.


All this week, Quickflix bloggers Simon Miraudo, Tara Judah and Jess Lomas will be chipping away at the grime and cynicism that traditionally encases their blackened, shriveled hearts to reflect on their favourite Christmas movies! Please feel free to share your most beloved Xmas flicks in the comments section below. And fear not: the virulent snark will return soon enough. Merry Christmas everybody!

Jess Lomas picks…

My first choice for favourite Christmas movie would have been Olivia Newton-John’s 1990 classic A Mom for Christmas, because really, who doesn’t love a good mannequin comes to life story? Unfortunately this gem isn’t available on DVD (though you’re all more than welcome to borrow my VHS copy)!

Driven to choose another Yule-tide favourite to share, and with so many to choose from, I found I had to go with the movie I watch every year without fail. In fact, I began watching this film every Christmas from when I was about 6 years old; it’s probably the longest tradition I’ve kept and, like all good films, it reminds me of a certain time, place and person: my Great Aunt Dawn.

Meet Me in St Louis is more than a Christmas movie; though it’s perfect to watch at this time, it’s also a great film for any time of the year. Before you get scared off because it’s a musical, or because it was made in 1944, read on and give it a chance.

Yes, there are songs, including Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (guaranteed to make me cry every time). Yes, there’s romance with a boy next door. But at the heart of this film is a story about a family who learn the lessons of life and love when faced with a move from St Louis to New York, and, after all, isn’t family what Christmas is all about?

If all you’ve heard or seen of Meet Me in St Louis is the clip shown in the first Sex and the City movie then you owe it to Vincente Minnelli, who directed, and Judy Garland, who starred, to add this to your queue now.

Discuss: What are your favourite Christmas movies?

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