>Quickflix’s Christmas picks: Tara Judah.


All this week, Quickflix bloggers Simon Miraudo, Tara Judah and Jess Lomas will be chipping away at the grime and cynicism that traditionally encases their blackened, shriveled hearts to reflect on their favourite Christmas movies! Please feel free to share your most beloved Xmas flicks in the comments section below. And fear not: the virulent snark will return soon enough. Merry Christmas everybody!

Tara Judah picks…

One of the things I’ve always suffered from is not being able to pick a definitive “best” or “favourite” of anything. This I put down to my inability to see disparate contenders in a category so large and varied as “film” as comparable (although in actuality it probably has a lot more to do with my being fickle and indecisive). With that in mind, instead of one favourite Christmas film I have complied a short list that constitutes my “favourite Christmas movie marathon” and I have ranked them in the order in which I like to view them.

The Apartment
: This film makes for the greatest pre-Christmas viewing ever because it evokes such wonderful nostalgia and melancholy, which are grossly underrated at this time of year. Before you can build yourself up to the feel-goodery of it all you really need to break yourself down and nobody does that better than Billy Wilder.

Gremlins: This film wins a special place in my heart not only because Gizmo is possibly the cutest creature of all time but also because of the wonderfully dark and almost out of place scene where Kate (Phoebe Cates) reveals why she doesn’t like Christmas. Plus, a Gremlin in a blender? What could possibly be more seasonal than that? It’s all red and green…

Gremlins 2: The New Batch: Well you can’t very well watch the first Gremlins film and not continue on to the second; especially when it too is set at Christmas time. And what with the “Brainy Gremlin” waxing lyrical about Susan Sontag … well, that’s just sheer genius.

Die Hard: If Christmas doesn’t include revelry of some sort then that’s one holiday I don’t want to know about. What could possibly get you feeling more enthused and energetic than Bruce Willis beating the absolute best ever incarnation of an onscreen “baddie” (Hans Gruber, played by Alan Rickman)? Nothing, that’s what. Yippee Ki-yay Mother****er!

It’s A Wonderful Life: After all the celebrating the time comes to take stock and make yourself feel magical. I’m pretty sure nothing does that quite like Jimmy Stewart’s sad southern drawl in the role of George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. Let’s be honest, this film is near perfect so let’s just be done with it and say It’s a Wonderful Film, shall we?

Discuss: What are your favourite Christmas movies?

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