>The Room to be re-released in 3D

>Tommy Wiseau’s cult film The Room will be re-released theatrically in 3D. Yes, dreams do come true kids.

Wiseau has confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he is transferring The Room to 3D but “the process is very detail-oriented”, so don’t expect to see the finished product until the end of 2011 or possibly 2012.

For those unfamiliar with the world of Wiseau and for those who scratch their heads while the rest of us go around saying ‘Oh hai Mark’, here’s what you need to know:

The Room is a low budget film written by, directed and starring oddball of the century – Tommy Wiseau. The movie has become a hit thanks to midnight interactive screenings around the world. Essentially, it is about a couple, Johnny (Wiseau) and Lisa (Juliette Danielle), whose relationship is falling apart (or more accurately, whose relationship Lisa is “tearing apart”). It’s one of the most absurd and unintentionally hilarious films of recent time.

The Room will not be edited for the 3D version, so we can all look forward to the several long and extremely awkward sex scenes in an extra dimension; Wiseau adding, “My bottom will have to be in 3-D because I’m not changing anything.”

Sadly, The Room 3D won’t be playing at your local multiplex. If you’re not near a smaller cinema that is playing it, you can be compensated by the guarantee from Wiseau that the Blu-ray will be released before Christmas 2011 and will include the much demanded behind the scenes footage. Sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer!

Want more Wiseau? He has a sitcom, The Neighbours, currently in production, in addition to a new feature film that “relates to homes and foreclosures …you’ll be shocked!” We can’t wait!

But we’ve saved the weirdest news for last. Wiseau is apparently working on his own clothing line -because he has the skills you know! (He was rumoured to have sold imported leather jackets as one of his fund-raising attempts for The Room.) His line will include sportswear, jackets and underwear … yes, underwear! In describing his clothing line Wiseau said, “Of course, it will be my face on some of the clothes; it’ll be my name on it. It will be ‘designed by Tommy Wiseau.’”

Consider us intrigued!

Discuss: Which classic scene from The Room are you most looking forward to seeing in 3D?

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