>Time lord James Franco to bring two classic novels to the big screen

>Actor, writer, director, producer, student, soap-opera-star, soon to be Academy Awards co-host, and all around stud muffin James Franco has his sights set on directing two literary adaptations in the near future.

According to Showbiz 411, talks are already under way for Franco to write and direct an adaptation of William Faulkner’s 1930 classic novel As I Lay Dying. It tells of the death of Addie Bundren, her wish to be buried in the town of Jefferson and her family’s quest to fulfil this desire. Told in a stream of consciousness style through 15 different narrators this could either be genius or a genuine train wreck but will mark Franco’s big studio directorial debut. We can’t wait to see how he tackles the shortest chapter in the book, which has only 5 words: “My mother is a fish.”

Fox Searchlight has committed to the project and Franco has been in discussions with the Faulkner estate for rights. If all goes to plan, production will begin halfway through the year.

The second project Franco has his eye on is, shall we say, a little less ambitious but arguably as prestigious. Again, Franco is in the process of closing a deal to write and direct an adaptation of acclaimed author Cormac McCarthy’s 1985 novel Blood Meridian, essentially a teenage runaway narrative set in America’s Southwest.

According to an interview with EW, Franco shot a test sequence of a scene from Blood Meridian for rights-holder Scott Rudin starring Mark Pellegrino (Jacob from Lost), Scott Glenn, Luke Perry and James’ brother Dave Franco.

After the success of previous adaptations of McCarthy’s work (No Country for Old Men, The Road and to a lesser extent All the Pretty Horses) it seems Hollywood is scrambling to buy rights for the rest of his work, and who can blame them. Blood Meridian in the hands of Franco sounds positively stimulating.

James Franco truly must be some sort of time warping wizard for his ability to cram so much into his day is nothing short of witchcraft. And did we mention his undeniable good looks and heart melting smile? Who is this guy?! Ahem … Franco will also be appearing on Broadway next year in Sweet Bird of Youth with Nicole Kidman, and will be submitting an art project film at Sundance later this month. Whatever this guy is on, we want some … unless it’s illegal.

Discuss: So, which black magic do you believe Franco is using to achieve all this?

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  1. >Don’t let the conservative monochrome styling fool you though. With a hidden supersoaker liner and Bonobos’ signature fit, you can be sure that these bad-boys will inspire the same level of confidence as their namesake would during those heated boardroom battles or whilst waging warfare around the water cooler!

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